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Is Your Business Working For You?

or Are You Working For Your Business?

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Are you not able to get at the heart of your business because you’re busy scheduling social media posts, maintaining your finances, or overseeing a team to ensure success of a project?  Then it’s time to partner with a Virtual Assistant.  Project/event management, social media management, bookkeeping or general executive services can be handled by me, Lynelle Mykins, putting more time back in your day.  Not only will you have time to get at the heart of your business moving it forward, but you will gain more personal time. 


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Project/Event Management

Lead projects through initiation, planning, execution, control, and completion.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Schedule and analyze social media marketing.


Maintain accounting records and produce accounting reports.

Executive Services

Executive Services

Provide a wide range of services that meets the needs of clients.

Why Me?

  • I bring 4 years of military experience and 18 years of executive assistance experience working in the non-profit sector to L. Mykins Virtual Assistance. 
  • I am knowledgeable, responsive, collaborative, and creative.  I will make your big projects feel manageable and tackle your critical tasks. 
  • I can provide the same results as an Executive Assistant in your office without all of the overhead costs.
  • I don’t know the word “can’t.”  Your business is my business.  Your success is my success.

My goal is to help you be more organized, give you more time in your day, and allow you to focus on what you do best. 

L Mykins Virtual Assistance


Lynelle has helped me to complete a number of valuable projects that have been sitting on my back burner because I didn’t have time for them.  She is pleasant, professional, and reliable, and her work has been thorough and accurate. She is good at understanding the instructions that I send in imperfect emails.  I am so glad to be working with her!   
                ~ S. Blood, Arlington, MA

Lynelle Mykins is an outstanding virtual assistant and she has been a big factor in making my business more effective! Her 15+ years of experience as an executive assistant has allowed her to seamlessly pick up new projects. It’s also a big help knowing that the projects Lynelle is working on will be finished on time and with high quality.

         ~ Nick Bliamptis, Facet Executive Search

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Allow me to take on your project/event management, social media management, bookkeeping, or executive services so you can experience the progress you have been working so hard for.