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What more could you accomplish with 2 hours back in your week?  What about 5 or 10 hours?  

  • Would you reclaim control of your business?
  • Invest more back in your business?
  • Enjoy more family time?

Allow me to be your support solution by providing your virtual services.  Give me the details that you don’t have time for so that I can give you that time back in your day.

Virtual Services Provided

Project/Event Management Services

Project/Event Management

Plan, organize, and manage projects or events to successful completion.

  • Develop Project/Event Plan
  • Establish Schedules 
  • Track Deadlines
  • Provide Progress Reports

Social Media Management

Manage social media accounts to establish client/audience connection and engagement.

  • Develop Marketing Campaign
  • Publish Content (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Analyze Results 
Social Media Management Services
Bookkeeping Services


Manage accounts through Quickbooks.

  • Maintain Financial Records
  • Produce Financial Statements
Quickbooks ProAdvisor badge

Executive Services

Individual services provided to client satisfaction. 

  • Email and Calendar Management
  • Proofreading/Editing/Formatting
  • CRM Management
  • WordPress Maintenance
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet Research
Executive Virtual Services

Are there virtual services you are wondering about but you don’t see above?  Let’s talk.  


As a new Foundation, we needed someone to organize and manage our bookkeeping.  Lynelle did just that.  She set us up in QuickBooks and has made it a smooth-running system.  Removing this burdensome but necessary task has allowed me to focus on fundraising and the day to day operations.  She is professional, knowledgeable, efficient and an overall pleasure to work with.

         ~ J. Hendricks-Fogg, Logan Strong Foundation


My rate for all services is $45/hour.  Services that require less than 48 hours turn around or weekend hours are $65/hour.

Flexible Pricing Options (Budgeting the cost of working with me is easy.)

Not-To-Be-Exceeded Monthly Budget –This option gives you a set number of hours to budget for my services, however, you only pay for the work I complete.  We will work together to establish a monthly number of hours your services will require.  You will be notified if the hours worked are reaching your limit and your permission will be required for me to exceed that limit.  

Project Rates – Project rates are offered based on the scope of work required.  Let’s talk and I’ll be happy to provide a quote.